Casino Bonus

Beating Negative Variance: The Casino Bonus

The casino industry can be a cruel mistress no matter how much skill you have and, just when you think you’ve got things cracked, negative variance rears its ugly head and cuts you and your bankroll down to size. Casino games are no Poker!

Although a naturally occurring phenomenon in the gambling world and something you can’t ever beat, negative variance is a beast that can be tamed. Through a combination of skilled play and bonus hunting, you can slay negative variance and limit its impact on your finances.

Before we launch into an explanation of how you can implement a strategy to negate negative variance, it’s important to define this mathematical concept in plain English. Moreover, it’s also necessary to explain what we mean by casino bonuses:


  • Negative Variance: “Negative variance is the negative movement away from the average statistical distribution of an event.”
  • Casino Bonus: “Any sort of reward, gift or offer given to new and existing players by an online casino. Bonuses usually require some sort of wagering conditions to be met.”

Adjusting Your Strategy to Combat Negative Variance

Regardless of the casino game you’re playing, negative variance will be constantly pushing your profit backwards. In the same way that someone may take two steps forward and then three steps back in a game of Snakes and Ladders, the underlying impact of negative variance will gradually eat away at your bankroll.

However, when you ante-up in the virtual arena, a casino bonus is used to limit this push and pull your bankroll in a positive direction. Any online casino bonus you take advantage of will give you some sort of added value. Whether that’s free cash, extra bets or a no lose wager, the point of casino bonuses is to reduce your risk and offset bad luck.

minimizing casino’s edge

However, as welcome as these bonus offers are, they’re only useful if you know how to handle them. Although every bonus is as different as the players who collect them, the most effective way to harness a casino’s generosity is by depositing as much as possible and playing games that offer the fastest turnover rate.

In the throes of the virtual casino world, the best games for this are slot machines because they allow you to wager a lot of money in the least amount of time. Because bonuses usually have wagering requirements and time limits it’s important to unlock them as swiftly as possible. Moreover, the faster you release the money, the sooner it will be in your account and your bank.

Online casino bonuses are undoubtedly the best way to stave off negative variance and to keep your bankroll afloat until good luck takes hold. By scooping up as many deals as possible and choosing the games that lend themselves to bonus clearing, you should find that even during the roughest of times, a casino bonus will keep you out of the red and firmly in the black.

How bonuses can tip fortune in your favor

How do online casino’s make money? Every game that you play in a casino has an ‘edge’ in favor of the casino. For instance, with roulette, there is a zero and sometimes even a double zero that makes sure that at the end of the night the casino ends positive. With Blackjack, it’s the player that has to call for cards first, making casino’s win even without showing their cards. In slots, there is an algorithm that ensures the machine doesn’t pay out more than 100%. If played properly; the casino’s edge usually differs from 1-3%. But they make their most money from players that don’t know how to play the games! So, let that be our advice to you: do your homework on what slot gives you the best chance and what strategy to play in roulette or blackjack!

So, if the casino always has this edge; why do we play? Simply, cause lightning sometimes strikes twice against all odds. And besides that, using bonuses from casino’s wisely can actually turn the tables on the negative variance. No we are not saying you can ‘beat the system’, but we are saying that you can minimize casino’s edge while you are playing for big prizes. Let casino’s make their money on the uninformed, you are playing for keeps.

There is no such thing as free money, but bonuses do give opportunities

You are looking to get lucky. So that remains a real part of your strategy: getting lucky. Bonuses give you time and space to wait for that luck; so do you choose a casino based on the bonus or on the games offered? The simple answer is both. Videoslots by NetEnt for instance have a reputation to favor players more than videoslots from competitive designers, so once you found a slots game you like; find out how well it’s treating you. You can do this by doing looking for reviews or do X spins and look for the average win. Besides finding a good slot game, making optimal use of bonuses is equally important in your quest to hit that big jackpot.

Casino’s offer welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, percentage bonuses and loyalty bonuses. Next to that, they have daily, weekly and monthly promotions. Those are particulary interesting to look at. Imagine you are in the super market. Some products are in sale and suddenly you only pay half! How is this possible? Cause supermarkets want to promote these products for future sales and accept temporarily not making any money on them, they assume they still make money with other products. With casino’s, these promotions work the same. Casino’s know they temporarily give away that edge,  knowing that they will make money from other games and future spins.


So there you go. Finding a good game, looking where you can get the best bonus (even if temporarily) and playing according to the optimal strategy. This gives you a good chance of playing to win. Be sure to check out betbonusworld for the most recent bonus codes for your favorite casino and game! Or check out our sports betting guide!