Casino Bonus Codes

A Five-Step Guide to using Online Casino Bonus Codes

An online casino bonus is a great way to bank a bundle of free cash in the gaming industry, but do you really know how to harness the power of these deals? Although the main principles you need to understand are dedication and volume (basically place a lot of bets), there’s another important piece to this puzzle: casino bonus codes.

Like a bank vault’s password, a casino bonus code is a string of unique numbers and letters that will unlock a certain reward. As with all online casino bonuses, the size and style of the reward will differ depending on the operator and the time of year, but the main thing you need to be aware of is that the majority of rewards are only accessible with a special code.

Finding the Latest Casino Bonus Codes

Before you begin scouring the web for the latest deals, here are a few tips as to how to find the latest casino bonus code offers:

  • Promo Emails: If you’re already a member of an online site, the operator will usually send you regular emails outlining the latest rewards and bonuses. Usually sent just before the promotional period is about to start, these emails are a great way to keep track of the latest bonus codes your regular platform is offering.
  • Twitter: Social media and Twitter in particular are now one of the most effective ways for online casinos to communicate with existing and potential punters. Although the information on Twitter is usually fleeting (the message usually disappears from your timeline within a few minutes), you can get a handle on the latest offers by following your favourite casinos and looking through their feeds on a regular basis.
  • Affiliate Sites: By far the best way to stay on top of the latest casino bonus code offers is through an affiliate site. These companies have intimate relationships with all the major online casinos and through these connections they have access to the latest deals. Not only that, but affiliate sites also have the power to create their own unique offers. These deals won’t be open to anyone else and will usually be distinguished by an exclusive casino bonus code.

Using Your Casino Bonus Code

Once you’ve trawled cyberspace for the latest casino offers, your next job is to use your bonus code to unlock a pocketful of cash. Although this is a relatively simple process, we’ll take you through it anyway just in case you make a misstep:

  1. First step: find a casino bonus code that suits your needs (some deals will be for specific gambling activities).
  2. Second step: make sure that the code is still valid and that you aren’t already a member of the site in question (bonus codes are usually reserved for new players).
  3. Third step: enter the code in the relevant box during the sign-up/ deposit process (the point at which you need to input the code will differ between sites but will be clearly marked).
  4. Fourth step: Check to see the code has been successful and familiarise yourself with any wagering requirements (all online casino bonuses will have release requirements).
  5. Fifth step: Continue playing until you’ve exhausted your bonus (make sure you complete the wagering requirements before the bonus expires).

The world of online casino bonuses is one that’s ripe for picking if you’re able to follow a few simple steps. By following our guide to finding casino bonus codes and then going through the process to unlock them, you’ll find that your time spent online is not only more profitable but much more enjoyable.