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In the jungle that is online casinos, you have to look hard to find a gem. But sometimes, without expecting it, you stumble upon one. That’s exactly what happened when we came across Casino Heroes. Finally, a unique casino where you can play different games than usual. Fantastic! Casino Heroes has been invented by a group of Scandinavian entrepreneurs that were fed up with the casino’s that all look alike. They thought of something entirely new and added games with elements that you could recognize from games like Minecraft, Farmville and other social games. The execution of the concept is flawless, and we are happy to review them here on

You can really tell the creators of Casino Heroes wanted to make something special. They added ‘gamification’ to the casino games; giving them a bit of a Nintendo feel. The website is overwhelming in a positive way. You don’t just enter a casino, you enter a story where you play the main role.

First Impression

Like we said is Casino Heroes is different from most other online casinos. Though, there are more and more casino’s following the example that has been set by by Casino Heroes. It only shows that the road Casino Heroes has taken is the right one. Adventurous, that’s the impression you get when navigating to their site and that’s the impression that sticks through the whole experience. You are playing your games, but you are also on a quest for something bigger. The adventure.

The games Casino Heroes offers is gigantic. Not surprisingly, since a lot of game developers were enthusiastic to have their games on this new style casino. The likes of NetEnt and Betsoft deliver popular titles like Starburst, King of Slots, Tower Quest, Dracula, Fortune Teller, A night in Paris; the collection growths with each month! You will never have to get bored at Casino Heroes due to the feature of recommending games to your fellow players. This way, you get to play games you otherwise wouldn’t have. And it gets you to earn bonus points by doing so!

Don’t worry, there are also many ‘classic’ casino games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker for you to enjoy. Actually, with over 33 video poker games, Casino Heroes might be one of the biggest provider in online poker games. The fact that this is difficult to notice, comes cause the rest is so eye catching. Imagine!


Casino Heroes support is just one more proof of the CH-philosophy: it’s all about the players. It feels like there are a thousand customer service employees working around the clock, cause you always get help so quick and polite. A big plus!

You really feel like you are a part of the world that Casino Heroes has created. Going on an adventure that you can actually win. What more can you ask for? We from BetBonusWorld are glad when we have an excuse to login to Casino Heroes once more, maybe one day finishing the saga and collecting the jackpot!

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