Sports Betting Bonus

A Guide to Online Betting Bonuses

In the sports betting world there are two ways to win: be good or be lucky. In reality, the majority of people don’t usually fall into the latter camp (unless they own a four leaf clover), which means being “good” is a necessity if you want to make a profit.

However, what does being “good” mean in a sports betting context? Defining the nuances of a skilled approach to sports betting isn’t easy but there are a few techniques you’ll definitely need to master if you want to be a success.

Firstly, you’ll need an intimate knowledge of the sport you’re betting on and then you’ll need to constantly monitor the market to ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest news and developments. Once you’ve done this, your next job is to assess the latest odds and find the wagers that work for you.

In most circumstances, this is where most professional sports bettors would end their advice. However, this strategy leaves out one vital ingredient that all online punters should know about: the betting bonus. Given to online punters at varying times, these rewards are the best way for everyone, regardless of how skilled they are at betting, to make some serious cash.

Getting rid of the negative variance!

The main reason betting bonuses are great for your bottom-line is that they help stave off negative variance and give you a free way to earn some cash. That’s why we came up with BetBonusWorld.

For example, let’s assume you’ve been given a no lose bet on Manchester United vs. Cambridge United.

The vast majority of the time, you could place a bet on Manchester and be certain of a win. However, for some unknown reason, the team underperformed in a crucial match and lost to Cambridge.

Normally this sort of football bet would cost you dearly as it would be considered a “guaranteed win”. However, because you had a no lose bet in your possession, the negative effects of this wager can be offset and the damage to your bankroll reduced to zero.

As you can see, any betting bonus you can claim in the online arena is great news, so to give you an idea of exactly what type of deals you’ll find and how you can claim them, here’s a simple breakdown of the industry:

Types of Online Sports Betting Bonus:

  • Deposit Bonus: Handed out to all new users, the betting bonus is based on your first deposit and usually comes in the form of free cash that’s gradually released into your account over time.
  • Free Bets: During certain major sporting festivals (or whenever the site feels like it), you can claim free bets. Usually restricted to certain sports, these bets are generally only applicable for straight win predictions and you don’t usually get your stake returned.
  • Matched Bets: Another betting bonus you’ll find in the online world is the matched bet. This offer basically takes your stake amount (up to a certain value) and doubles it for certain events.
  • No Lose Bets: As described above, a no lose bet is a bonus that allows you to speculate on an event and either win (if your prediction is correct) or not lose your stake (if you’re wrong).
  • Enhanced Odds/Returns: For special events and at certain times of the year, bookmakers will offer increased odds for a particular contest. This betting bonus basically allows you to win more money than you would under normal circumstances.

How to Claim your Online Sports Betting Bonus:

OK, so now you know all there is to know about the humble betting bonus, we’ll leave you with a guide as to how to claim them:

  1. First, register a new account at a major online bookmaker.
  2. Make your first deposit and wait to receive your first betting bonus.
  3. After activating your account, keep an eye out for promotional emails, banners and adverts alerting you to the latest deals.
  4. Fulfil the specified requirements in order to achieve maximum value from any betting bonus

How to get maximum profit out of your bonus?

Well done, you got your bonus! Congratulations! Now, how do you put that bonus in good use? For instance you got a No Lose Bet Bonus, do you really want to put that on a match like Manchester United vs. Cambridge United? There are two scenario’s if you decide to go down that road: you place your bet on Manchester United, they win as expected and you get quite little profit from your bonus. Or you bet on Cambridge United, you win in an unlikely case and profit alot or they lose and you get your bet back. Placing your No Lose Bet Bonus on a match like Barcelona versus Chelsea is probably a much safer bet as these two teams both have a much more likely chance of winning.

Another scenario: you get a matched bet as a bonus. This time, it might be much more interesting to bet on a ‘sure thing’ (note: there is no such thing) like Manchester United vs. Cambridge United. The risk on betting a matched bet bonus on a game like Barcelona vs. Chealsea is much greater. Every bonus has it’s pro’s and cons, just like every bet. Then again, if you are sure about your knowledge of a certain match: go for it!


Sportsbetting is first and foremost a knowledge and skillbased activity. But (bad)luck is always lurking around the corner. No matter how good a player or team, off-days are a real phenomenom. Whatever bonus suits you best is all about knowing your own strenghts and weaknesses. So when looking for a bonus, don’t just look at the biggest numbers. Instead, look at the bets you profited from and how a bonus could have helped you there maximizing profit. Use BetBonusWorld as a tool to find the ideal bookmaker, we are independent and give only reviews to trustworthy bookmakers. Use it to your advantage! Interested in Poker Bonuses or Casino Guides? We got you covered!