The Basics of the Betting Industry

In any industry you need to know the basics before you can make a success of yourself. While we’re on hand to show you the best betting bonuses in the online industry, we’re also here to give you the knowledge necessary to make money when you ante-up.

One of the first things that often throws novice punters out of kilter when they first join an online site and collect a betting bonus is some of the jargon they encounter. To ensure you don’t feel intimidated when taking one of our deals and joining an online betting site, here’s a breakdown of the common terms every gambler should know.

Common terms

  • Wager: This is the amount of money you bet on any given proposition. Whether you’re at the blackjack table, playing roulette or rolling dice in a game of craps, you’ll be required to bet a certain amount of money. Depending on the game you’re playing and the casino you’re in, there will be a minimum wager. All players are required to bet at least this in order to participate in the game. Additionally there will also be a maximum wager that you can’t exceed.
  • Expectation: In any gambling situation the result of your actions will always have an immediate and long-term result. Indeed, in all situations you should be looking to make the move that makes the most money in the long run or, to put it technically, the decision which has the greatest long-term expectation (EV).
  • Edge: In all gambling scenarios, there is always one side that has the edge or the advantage. In many casino games it’s the house that holds the edge. However, if you employ various strategies in games such as blackjack and craps, you can negate this edge and sometimes swing things in your favour. Another great way to overcome a casino or bookmaker’s edge is through betting bonuses. Through our network of contacts, we’ve managed to secure some of the best deals on the market. Whether it’s deposit bonuses, free bets or reload offers, these deals are designed to give you something extra and help improve your overall chances of success.

While we can’t guarantee that an understanding of common betting terminology is going to earn you a fortune, we are confident that this knowledge, combined with some online betting bonuses, will help boost your bankroll in the long run.