Sports Betting

How to Become a Sports Betting Expert

Sports betting is the pursuit of money through the process of risking your bankroll on certain competitions and fixtures. For example, you may think that Andy Murray will win Wimbledon and thus want to bet money on him. Depending on the sports betting site you choose and the type of bet you place, the odds will vary. The bottom-line is, if you place a bet on Murray to win and he lifts the cup, you’ll make a profit. And making profit is what we aim for at BetBonusWorld!

Some of the top sports betting sites allow you to bet on multiple outcomes with a single wager. Whether you’re placing a single, an accumulator, a Yankee or a forecast, the sports betting world is awash with options for punters of all persuasions. Indeed, even if you’re a low rider or a high roller, it’s possible to ante-up at the top online sports betting sites for as little ($0.01) or as much as you like.

Types of Sports Bets

  • Win Bet: A simple bet where you stake money on the individual/ team you believe will win.
  • Each way Bet: An each way (e/w) bet allows you to place money on a competitor (usually a horse) you believe will either win or finish within the top 3/4 in a race.
  • Occurrence Bet: This term is used to describe any bet where you are required to predict the number of instances of a certain event. An example would be the number of fouls committed in a football match.
  • Forecasts: This type of betting asks you to predict the competitors that will finish 1st and 2nd.
  • Accumulator: These bets require you to stake an amount of money and speculate on a series of results.

Sports Betting Tips

The best way to improve your chances of success in the sports betting world is through a process of learning and awareness. The former can be aided by the following points, while the latter is simply a case of keeping an eye out for the latest sports betting bonuses.

Learn to Earn: Learn as much as you can about the craft of sports betting. Take a look at the large body of sports betting literature that’s available online from expert authors such as Stanford Wong and David Sklansky.

Take Different Lines: When it comes to setting football or horse racing odds, bookies are often well informed. However, when it comes to sports such as lower league rugby or amateur boxing, bookies often don’t have as much information available and, thus, have to produce odds that aren’t as close to true. Therefore, if you can become an expert in these areas you stand a good chance of capitalising on any value bets you see.

Become the bookie

Become the Bookie: To become a more informed sports bettor, you should take some time and set your own odds. Pick a selection of sporting fixtures and try to come up with your own betting lines. Once you’ve done this, compare them with the odds offered by many of the major sportsbooks and see how well you did. Doing this will enable you to gain a broader understanding of the betting market and develop a sense of which odds are accurate and which offer you some real value.

Collect Bonuses: Our final point and the most important sports betting tip we want to leave you with is the power of bonuses. In the online arena, every major operator will offer a slew of sports betting bonuses to new and established players. From deposit deals to free bets, this treasure chest of offers is one of the best ways for you to make money in the sports betting world.

Through an understanding of the industry and timely bonuses, you can become a successful sports bettor, even if you’re still a newbie in the game. The learning curve is not like, for instance, poker.

Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets are very popular cause they are so profitable with little risk. A €5 bet can easily amount to a payout of €300-400. Bookmakers won’t usually make bets on the same event, so you make your bets across matches in the same weekend. So for instance, you bet on Manchester United versus Manchester City, which is 2/1 and you bet on Leicster City versus Chelsea which is 3/1, finally you make a bet on a Europe League match between Valencia versus Napoli; 4/1.

Would you have wagered on these matches alone, you would have made €10 from Manchester, €15 from Leicster and €20 from Valencia. A total of €45. When we played by accumulator, we bet the same €5, but we get €295!

Sure Bets

A sure thing doesn’t exist when it comes to gambling? you’d be suprised! The only problem is that your winnings will be minimalized as well; so how does a sure bet work? You have to get two bookies to work for you. Let’s say you have €100 to spend on the total bet. If the first fighter has odds of 7/10 and the other fighter has odds of 8/5 at another bookie, you could place €60.47 on the first and €39.53 on the other.

If the one fighter wins, you will receive €42.33 plus your deposit of €60.47, making a total of €102.80. If the other fighter wins, you are paid €63.25 as well as the initial €39.53, worth about the same: €102.78. Either way, you get your win. Though it seems like a lot of money for €2.80, it does get rewarding when you bet for a €1000, earning you €28 guaranteed!

Is this legal?

Bookmakers don’t like being made into a milk cow, that’s not why they got into the business. Just like Casino’s, they are in it for the money as well. When they suspect you of sure bets, they might limit the amount you can bet. Besides that, if odds look to good to be true they usually are. Make sure to check for typo’s if you are placing your bet, and read restrictions in the terms of conditions. Other than that; try making that sure bet once, see if it works for you!