Cricket Betting

Top Three Cricket Betting Tips

Ever thought about betting on cricket but not known where to start? Then join the club. A lot of people have watched at least some cricket in their life but very few have taken the time to study the betting markets. Despite the game’s popularity across the world, the status of cricket in the sports betting community is relatively low. That isn’t to say that the wagers on offer are of a low standard, it simply means that you won’t find the latest cricket odds dominating an online sportsbook’s homepage.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not worthy of a punt and in the following lines of text you’ll find some of the common things you need to consider when you’re betting on cricket. Of course, all the usual rules of gambling, such as bankroll management and spreading your investments are also important, but the following tips are especially important to take into account when you bet on cricket.

Three simple rules

1. format

Although cricket is a universal sport, the way in which it’s played can differ across the world. Depending on the location and type of competition, cricket matches will have different formats. In general, the most common fixtures, especially for international teams, are one day internationals and test series.

The former, as you’d expect, take just one day to complete, while the latter will span several days. Because of the difference in structures, it’s important to know which teams and players perform best in each format. For example, if the England team is known as a great test series outfit but poor one-day players, then it doesn’t make sense to bet on them against Australia in a short test match. Although it may not seem like a major thing to think about, the length of a match can seriously impact on a cricket team’s chances of success.

2. conditions

Just as the format of a game can affect which teams perform well and which don’t, it’s also possible for the weather to hamper the betting market. In a very broad sense, teams from tropical climates, such as the West Indies, don’t tend to perform to the best of their abilities when they visit the UK.

In contrast, when a team such as England has to play in a hot country, such as India, the heat can often affect their performance and make them play at a lower level than normal. On top of this, changes in weather can also disrupt the flow of a match and that can often swing the momentum away from one team.

Because of this, you should always consider the current and future weather conditions before you place a bet on any cricket team.

3. players

The final thing you need to focus on if you want to become a top cricket tipster is the players themselves. Just like any other sports person on the planet, cricket players are prone to dips in form. A leading player such as Australia’s Glenn Maxwell may be one of the leading players in the world at the moment, but if his head isn’t in the game then he’s not worth betting on.

Personal issues, performance issues or even confidence issues can all affect the way a player does their job and as a cricket punter it’s your job to spot these things before you ante-up. As we’ve said, cricket can be a great sport to make a lot of money from, but if you aren’t on top of all the game’s dynamics then you’ll constantly come up short. If you really want to improve your cricket betting EV, make sure you consider the advice we’ve outlined on this page, pick up as many bonuses as possible and analyze each bet fully before you put your money on the line.