Golf Betting

Golf Betting: Teeing Up More Profit

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world and its competitors, such as Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, are now international superstars known in homes across the world. Whether or not it’s a sport you’re interested in, there’s something alluring about golf betting that attracts a lot of interest from professional tipsters.

The popularity of golf from both a sporting perspective and a betting angle has opened up a range of wagering opportunities. From low risk bets such as who will emerge as the outright winner, to high risk propositions that offer odds on the first player to make a hole in one, there is plenty to get involved in.

Popular Golf Betting Options

Naturally, the bets you choose will be a matter of personal preference and bankroll limitations. However, one of the most profitable can be Nassau bets. Named after the American country club where they were first devised, a Nassau bet is one which has three constituent parts: the best match play score on the front nine, the back nine and over the course of 18 total holes. With this bet you are trying to select the player who will do best in all three sections.

Another popular golf betting option is to pit two players against each other. For example, at the start of a golf tournament you could select Rory McIlroy to finish higher than Tiger Woods. This type of bet is particularly attractive if you know a certain player performs better on one course than another. Indeed, with a little bit of knowledge these golf bets can be hugely profitable.

What if you’re a Novice?

For professional punters, the prospect of making the aforementioned bets will be appealing. However, for novices, they may be slightly daunting. Aside from veering away from the standard sports bet (basically picking the outright winner), the knowledge required to make these bets pay isn’t easy to come by.

Fortunately, even if you aren’t the biggest golf betting expert in the world, there’s still a way to make money. Because the online gambling world is designed to give punters as much value as possible, there are often a slew of bonuses and free bets available for the casual user. Offered in a variety of forms and generally skewed towards novice bettors, these deals are a great way to boost your bankroll and limit your risk in any golf betting situation.

Essentially, when you size up a golf betting bonus you should see it as a way to fill the holes in your game before you build an empire. Through a combination of offers and some of the betting tactics listed above, golf can be a highly profitable sport for punters of all persuasions. Although novice gamblers may struggle at the start of their career, online bonuses are a great way to compensate for the gaps in their knowledge and make it a lucrative option for anyone and everyone.