MLB Betting

Hitting a Homerun: MLB Betting Tips

Despite America holding a virtual monopoly on the world of baseball in terms of teams, games and talent, the rest of the world still has plenty of opportunities to earn some cash on the outcome of the top games. Thanks to the growth of online bookmakers in recent years, MLB betting has become a major source of income for those who are willing to learn the nuances of the game.

Although much of the action takes place on a different time zone, it’s still possible to review the stats, study the latest form and secure the best odds from the comfort of your own home thanks to Europe’s leading sportsbooks.

However, as with all gambling endeavours, knowledge is power and if you’re new to MLB betting (which most Europeans will be), then you need to take note of a few simple concepts if you want to be a real success. While we can guarantee you a profit every time you place a bet, we can assure you that the following advice is used by MLB betting experts across the world with a great degree of success.
Top Tips for MLB Betting

Learn to Manage Your Money:

Because the MLB season is both tough and long, things will often take their toll on players and your bankroll. Although it can be tempting to speculate on every game and every outcome throughout the season, this is a practice we suggest you avoid. At the start of the MLB betting season, set aside a portion of your bankroll and divide this money up into equal chunks.

For example, if you have $1,000 to risk throughout the season then consider staking around $20 per game. Risking 2% of your bankroll on each game in this context will allow you to bet on 50 games during the season without receiving a return. Of course, as the action develops you’d expect to have at least a handful of winners, which means you can place more bets. However, if you’re able to set out 50 bets before the season starts you’ll be in a strong position.

Bet on the Underdog:

When it comes to MLB betting, you’ll often find that, because the season is tough on players, the favourites suffer unexpected losses due to fatigue, injuries or just bad luck. Because of this it’s been proven that you can actually make more money over the course of a season by betting on the underdog than you can the favourites.

The first way to choose an underdog to bet on is the low run system. MLB betting logic states that if a team is deemed the underdog, but are coming off a win in the previous game, then they are worth betting on. Taking this theory one step further, you should be looking to bet on teams who won their previous game by 3 runs or fewer. The reason for this is that this kind of win demonstrates that the team are able to grind out a win, even if they are technically inferior.

Bag Some Bonuses:

The final way to improve your baseball betting bankroll is bonuses. Throughout the course of the season you’ll find the operators give away a lot of money in the form of free bets, enhanced odds and no lose wagers. When you combine these deals with deposit offers, reload bonuses and VIP rewards, you’ll find that, even if you’re losing, you can still make money by betting on baseball.

For many of you, the notion of betting on Major League Baseball may seem absurd. However, despite traditionally being known as an American sport, the game actually offers a lot of betting opportunities for anyone. Thanks to the Internet, you can now ante-up and take advantage of some fantastically profitable MLB betting opportunities with just a few clicks of your mouse.