Motor Racing Betting

Red, Amber, Green: Three Steps to Motor Racing Success

Whenever you think motor racing, the first thing that often comes to mind is Formula 1. Known across the world as the largest and most impressive racing organisation in operation today, F1 has made the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber household names. However, it’s not only the drivers who have managed to profit from the sport in recent years.

Thanks to an increase in motor racing betting opportunities, gambling experts have been able to boost their bankrolls by following some simple steps. Of course, as with all pursuits with an element of gamble to them, making a profit in the motor racing world isn’t easy. Fortunately, we’ve been able to absorb, process and regurgitate some of the most salient pieces of betting advice from the industry’s top tipsters and present them to you in a digestible article.

Although our three steps to success won’t automatically guarantee you a profit, they will certainly give you a much better chance of success if you do decide to place some motor racing bets.


The Driver: Before you analyse the mechanics of a car or assess the size of a track, you first need to look at the driver. Just like other sports people, motor racing drivers have their strengths and weaknesses, their on days and their off days. Just as you would size up the credentials of an athlete before they take part in a race, so too should you check out the driver’s stats before you back them. One of the key attributes you should look out for is a driver’s current form. How has the driver performed throughout the season and how does that compare to their performances in previous seasons?


The Team: In order for any F1 driver to show off his skills he needs a crack team of mechanics and racing experts behind him. The nature of motor racing is that the top teams have the best cars and, because of this, they can attract the best drivers. Naturally, these conditions usually result in a small group of dominant teams throughout the season. However, you shouldn’t take a team’s reputation as a given. For example, one team’s car might have great speed in a straight line, but struggle with corners. If this is the case then it’s unlikely they are going to perform well on a winding track such as Monaco. Every good driver needs a good team and every good team needs the right conditions, so make sure you consider this when anteing up.


The Track: The final element of a motor racing event you need to consider when you want to place a bet is the track. As we’ve already hinted, some tracks are more suited to certain teams and some are more suited to others. On top of this, you should also consider the immediate conditions affecting the possible outcome of a race. For example, if the track is wet or cold it can drastically alter the course of a race. Similarly, if a track is particularly narrow then it’s unlikely drivers will be doing a lot of overtaking. If this is the case then betting on a driver in the middle of the grid isn’t a smart move.

As you can see, the process of betting on motor racing isn’t easy. Like the increase in horsepower, the increase in options increase dramatically as well. The number of variables at play can severely hamper your chances of success if you don’t take your job seriously. Fortunately, if you’re able to follow the advice in this article and combine it with some generous online betting bonuses, you should be able to secure a sizable profit when you stake your cash at the top online sportsbooks.