Rugby Betting

The Secret to Rugby Betting Success

Rugby betting has become an increasingly attractive sports betting market for professional punters over the last few years. As margins continue to get squeezed in established markets such as football and horse racing, it’s now become necessary to look at less popular sports for value.

Rugby is one such sport that’s benefitted from this migration away from major betting markets, but if you want to join the herd you’ll need to refine your skills. Fortunately, rugby betting is much like football betting and that means you can improve your chances of success by adopting the mindset of the bookmaker.

In simple terms, the key to becoming a successful rugby bettor is taking some time away from the theatre of conflict and setting some odds of your own. What we mean by this is that you should survey the latest rugby fixtures and choose some games to generate some betting lines for.

Use all the Information at your Disposal

Of course, to do this effectively you should do as much research as possible and base your calculations on all the information available to you. For example, let’s assume you’re setting a line for Harlequins vs. London Welsh. Before you start conjuring up odds, read the latest team news, look at previous results and study current form to get a sense of which team will be favourite and which will be the underdog.

After this, you should take things a step further and try to predict the result of each game and then compare your data to the prices offered by the industry’s leading online sportsbooks. Doing this will allow you to see how well you understand the market and how deep your knowledge of rugby odds is.

An Acute Awareness of Odds

Going through this process a number of times will not only increase your knowledge of each specific sport, but your overall insight into the industry. Understanding the process each bookie goes through when compiling odds is one of the best ways to see which bets are good value and which aren’t.

Indeed, a professional sports bettor makes money by taking advantage of odds which are slightly off and the deeper their understanding of setting betting lines, the greater the chance they have of spotting mistakes. If you can take this concept and apply it to the rugby betting world then you’ll quickly find that it’s possible to make a lot of money in a short space of time. In fact, when you combine this strategy with some of the leading betting bonuses on the market, it’s easy to see why more people are now starting to bet on rugby.