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A Guide to Online Poker Bonuses

GoWild GokkastenInGoWild Gokkasten GoWild Gokkastenthe world of online poker there are a number of ways to make money, but there’s only one way to do it for free: bonuses. Shaped in many different guises, online poker bonus deals are offered to sites as way to reward loyalty and dedication.

Whether it’s a non-deposit bonus (free cash given for registering your details), A deposit bonus (a cash payment based on your first deposit) or VIP rewards (prizes given away based on your play), sites offer multiple forms of free cash.

At this point you’re probably asking: what’s the point of an online poker bonus? Essentially, poker bonuses are a hang up from the old days of live casino comps and they are a way to create a mutual relationship between sites and players.

The Origin of the Online Poker Bonus

Visit any major casino in the world, especially in Las Vegas, and you’ll notice regular punters enjoying a range of benefits, such as free bets, VIP access to various events, and free food. These gifts are based on a player’s wagering habits and are known technically as comps. Seeing the value in this system, the igaming world has created something similar to suit its needs. Whether it’s making a deposit or playing certain poker games, Internet sites will now give you a range of virtual comps. However, the only way to get these freebies is to work for it.

Why Online Casino Bonuses Work

In order to attract players, an online poker room needs to stand out from the crowd and one of the best ways to do this is to give its members something extra. Additionally, as well as providing a hook for potential players, online poker bonuses make good business sense for operators because it means players are more likely to continue playing at that site.

If an operator is willing to give you free cash on a regular basis, you’ll stay with them and, in turn, this means a greater annual profit for them. Thus, while you may assume that an online poker bonus is some sort of scam, they are not. In fact, they are simply part of an extremely efficient business model that benefits both the house and the player.

Making the Most of Every Online Poker Bonus

If you’re looking for a way to get the most out of an online poker bonus, you need to find the one that suits your bankroll and chosen game. Because of this, you need to focus on your own preferences and then find the deals that work best for you.

Beyond this, you should also be willing to play. Making the most money from online poker bonuses is all about being active and to make the most money possible you need to grind. Find the deals that are best for you then continue playing until you’ve unlocked them all. At this point you’ll have the option to look elsewhere or hold out for more deals. Indeed, prove you’re a dedicated player and a site will often give you more bonuses than the average player.

In a nutshell, you can sum up the process of increasing your bonus EV with the following traits: specificity, loyalty, flexibility and adaptability. If you can keep these in mind, as well as why poker bonuses work, then you’ll find your online exploits are much more lucrative.

Deciding on different Poker Bonuses: what kind of player are you?

There are several factors that ultimately decide what poker bonus suits you best. Bur before we look at the differences, we need to take a look at ourselves: what kind of players are we? Bonuses usually come with certain conditions, and if you know already those conditions will never be met; why bother? So what are you expecting to invest in the months to come? What tables are you planning to play? Are you loyal to your operator or do you fancy switching providers once in a while? Answering these questions gives you quite the insight in what kind of bonuses are yours to pick up!

Deciding on different Poker Bonuses: from welcome bonus to loyalty bonus

So, what kind of different bonuses are out there and how do they fit your playstyle? Let’s look beyond the flashy lights of the casino and dive into the numbers!

Bonuses for new players:

  • Welcome Bonus: this bonus is often the most generous and often the one that is met with most conditions. Don’t let yourself be blinded by the most generous offer without looking further. On this website you will find guidelines on what bonuses are lucrative.
  • No Deposit BonusThis is a great bonus for new and inexperienced players as they don’t have to deposit any money and get to earn real money. Though these amounts are usually small, with enough poker skills they can be the start of something great!
  • Matching Deposit Bonus: this bonus gives you usually 100% on top of your (first) deposit. Sometimes extends to your second and third deposit as well. The good thing about this bonus is that it really set you up for a good start. This bonus benefits both new as experienced players.

Bonuses for loyalty:

  • Percentage Bonus: Most of the bonuses above are given out once, twice, maybe three times. On some casino’s you get a structural percentage bonus on each deposit. This bonussystem benefits the players that play on a regular basis
  • Loyalty Bonus: it’s tempting to go from one casino to another, claiming welcome bonuses everywhere. Though on the long run, this strategy will not get you quite a firm base for poker success. The loyalty bonussystem can open up alot of potential for entering larger tournaments and making a name in the game. Definitely take this in account when you choose an operator!
  • Refer a friend bonus: refering friends usually gives lucrative bonuses and makes your poker experience more social. Win-win. Though this might be the bonus you look least at when looking for a new operator to play on.

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