Champions League & Europa League Betting

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Every year the top teams from Europe duke it out in the biggest tournaments in the world: The UEFA Champions League and the Europa League. The Champions League is the most prestigious competition in the world, and the winner is basically the best team in the world. The Europa League is for smaller teams and Champions League dropouts. There are many different reasons to either bet on Champions League or Europa League. Our bookmakers offer both leagues, so it’s entirely your pick! Read on to find out on which league you should bet and what is important when betting on European leagues!

Bet on the Champions League

The hardest competition in the world is the Champions League. Here you’ll find the likes of Messi and Ronaldo, and teams like Real Madrid and Manchester United. The whole world is watching and betting on these games. Real Madrid recently won the Champions League 3 times in a row, but got stopped in their 4th run by Ajax. Their star player Ronaldo transferred to the Italian top team Juventus. It’s often wise to bet on one of these top teams when you don’t know all the ins and outs of the matches. Teams like Barcelona, Juventus, Manchester City and Bayern Munich are always contending for the Champions League trophy. But if you want to win big money, look for smaller teams making upsets. Teams like Ajax, Porto and AS Roma have major upset potential, and if you get it right you’ll win over 5 times your bet amount!

Bet on the Europa League

The Europa League is sometimes called the ‘Second Division of Europe’, but this is still one of the hardest competitions in the world. The differences in strength between Europa League teams are much smaller, so everyone has to fight for survival. Betting on the Europa League is way more unexpected, as anyone can beat anyone. More unexpected results, more variance, and more underdog upsets. This makes the Europa League extremely exciting. And clubs likes Atletico Madrid, Manchester United, Napoli and Ajax were recently competing in the Europa League, but are now top teams in the Champions League again. The strongest Europa League team is probably Sevilla: They won 2014-2016 3 times in a row and won 5 times in total! But don’t count out the top teams who narrowly missed the Champions League, like Arsenal and Chelsea. Or the teams who dropped from the Champions League to the Europa League, like Benfica, Valencia, Napoli and Inter Milan. If you like riskier but more lucrative and exciting bets, the Europa League is the way to go!

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