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    100% Bonus up to €/$100 + 20 Free Spins
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    Playamo Casino

    GoWild GokkastenTodayGoWild Gokkasten, GoWild Gokkastenmore and more people suffer from stress. That is because their lives have changed in a rut. The daily routine of work or school and a family offers little challenge. Our system is not geared to that. We have to take action and get an adrenalin kick every now and then. To do this, we would like to take a gamble. People are looking for this gambling in all sorts of ways. For one, it is sufficient to buy a ticket to a lottery once a month. Another likes to go to the casino. Why an online casino

    If you can not go to a casino every week, it is worth looking around on the internet. Here you will find online casinos. Moreover; the internet is littered with online casinos. One gleams and glitters even better than the other, but it is not all gold that shines. That’s why we went to investigate for you. We visited a number of online casinos and created an account. We also deposited money into a deposit to play. We went ‘all the way’ to achieve a good result. Our visit to Playamo Casino

    When you go to an online casino you obviously want to know where you stand. For our review team, it is easy to create an account, deposit money into a deposit and re-record it. We can imagine, however, that this raises many a lot of headaches. In that case it is good to be able to fall back on a customer service. You also want to know which games you can play and what the bonuses are. In the following review we will tell you about this. Bonus

    When you play at an online casino you immediately notice that there is a fairly large market. All those providers of online casinos are involved in the battle for the players. To win you for their casino they will also offer you a present. Often you get a gift on your first deposit in your deposit; a bonus. The amount of the bonus and the conditions attached to it vary per casino. Your bonus at Playamo Casino

    At this casino one makes a positive customer relationship. You get a bonus on the first amount you deposit in your deposit. You can deposit a maximum of $ 100 to get the bonus. Your bonus is 100 percent. This means that you deposit $ 100 and then start playing with $ 200. That sounds like a very good deal and that is it. The fact is that this is a bonus that you have to unlock. So you have to return to the casino a few times and top up before you can keep your bonus. On average you have to return about 20 times before the bonus is yours. During those times you have to bet from your deposit. If you do not do this, the casino will deduct the bonus again when your deposit is canceled. Free spins

    After opening your deposit and making your first deposit you get 20 free spins on a slot machine. The same applies here. You will have to return several times to this machine from Playamo Casino before you can keep the bonus. It is often new slots machines that they are still promoting. You also get free spins not only when you open a deposit but also in between. For the regular players there are many advantages and free spins is one of them. A second deposit in your deposit

    Is the money in your deposit of Playamo Casino on, then you may again deposit money. You will also receive a bonus here. In this case, it is a bonus of 50 percent. The maximum amount paid in this case is $ 200. So if you deposit $ 400, you play with $ 600. Also in this case you get free spins, 50 in total. The fact is that you have to think for yourself to activate these free spins; the casino itself will not do this for you. Game offer

    In total, this casino has more than 800 games. When you play at a casino, however, you soon discover that you will find the same games everywhere. That’s because of the system that an online casino works with. They purchase the games from affiliate partners. These are game producers who grant the rights over their games to a casino. Playamo Casino has a lot of rights in the house and you can profit from that. There is an extensive and very diverse range of games. So many slots machines

    Just like at a physical casino, you will encounter a lot of slots machines at Playamo Casino. You have these machines in many variants. One type has a higher level of entertainment than the other. Most classic slots machines – which you also find here – work with fruit symbols or symbols in a theme, and with card symbols. You have multiple roles and a number of visible rows. You must now try to create horizontal rows with similar symbols. You will be assisted by Wilds and Scatters. These are symbols that can replace any other symbol in a row, or fill a whole role. When Scatters can also connect with each other you have a decent price. Table games to your heart’s content

    A casino also always has a decent range of table games. These are the games you play in a gaming room such as roulette, poker and blackjack. These games can be found in an online version where you are dealing with a virtual croupier and you usually do not have opponents, and a live version where you join a gaming table to try your luck. If you are interested in these games but have no experience, then there is always the opportunity to try them for free at Playamo Casino in a demo version before you start. Customer service

    As a review team, we create an account with two fingers in our nose and one in our ears. Opening a deposit is also a daily expense for us. We can imagine, however, that this is a mystery to you when you start playing. That’s why it’s good that an online casino has a point where you can ask questions. In principle you can go there with all sorts of questions. You can ask questions about opening a deposit but also about your security on the internet. When you transfer money, the Playamo Casino will see your bank details and of course you want them to be safe. Chat with Playamo Casino

    Contacting a casino is usually possible in two ways. At this casino it is little different. You can contact this casino via a live chat. This means that you click on the window at the bottom right of your image. You will now see a screen open. It is the window of the live chat. You enter a number of details and from that moment you can start chatting. You get an operator at the chat that helps you with the questions you have. There is every understanding that things are new to you and that you have some restraint. Sometimes it takes a while before you get an answer to your questions, but the quality of the answers is good. If you have multiple questions

    If you have several questions for this Playamo Casino that you want to have answered at the same time, then you can contact us by mail. At Support you will find a mail form that you can fill out. Again they will give an answer as soon as possible. It takes about a day before you have a reply by mail, but here too the quality is good. It is striking that the service is faster when you want to open an account than when you want to withdraw a deposit. Pros and cons When you play at a casino, you soon find positive and less positive things. We have listed them for you.

    Pros: Playamo Casino clearly has many contracts with game providers. You can play a lot of slots machines. We also immediately found the latest titles. That plays easily and it is therefore easy to make a profit. There is also a player protection. This means that you can bet a maximum at a time. That was not an advantage for everyone. The table games are available in the computer and the live version. This allowed us to practice before we went live. We also found the VIP membership an advantage. Loyalty is rewarded at this casino.

    Cons: What we missed at this Playamo Casino is a Sportsbook. We would like to invest an amount on foreign football and there is no opportunity for this casino. There was plenty of opportunity to bet on other matters but that aside. We also found the maximum bet of $ 5 per time a bit patronizing. Of course you want to protect yourself against foul gambling behavior, but as an adult you have to be able to assess this yourself. Unique Selling Point

    We love slots games. That means that we love fruit machines and everything related. Fortunately, there is a lot to choose from nowadays when you want to play such a game. The classic fruit symbols have just not completely disappeared from the picture, but it does not save much. We love to bet on the spinning wheels and try to fill one or more horizontal rows with the same symbols. If you have the right tactics, this is a good chance to enter your Playamo Casino deposit. Solo or a game line

    When you start playing a slots machine at Playamo Casino, you soon discover that there are two ways in which a game can take place. First of all you can play solo. This means that – just like at the snack bar around the corner – you play one separate game each time. You try your luck several times and it is hoped that you can fill a horizontal row. Another game form is that of the game line. In that case the game proceeds in a kind of story form. You can see this, for example, at Jack and the Beanstalk. You start by sowing the bean and gradually you return to the giant more and more for bigger prices. Playing longer in this case therefore means; increasingly profit opportunities. Progressive jackpot

    A number of games at Playamo Casino have a progressive jackpot. That means that you build a jackpot together with the other players. With every round of play, an amount in the jackpot disappears and waiting for the jackpot to fall. We do not have to emphasize that a jackpot won is a good profit for you on your deposit. The winners of game rounds and the jackpot can be seen on the homepage. The kick is also when your name appears on the screen. Resume

    We enjoyed our visit to Playamo Casino. It is a casino where it is safe with the personal safety of the players. This way strict methods are used for the players. You must be at least 18 years old and this is closely monitored. You may also wager a maximum of $ 5 at a time. One player calls this patronizing, but the other will feel safer. The fact is that we were satisfied. This casino is good with bonuses and with payouts. We did not wait long between the promise of payment and the moment when we actually had access to our efforts. A casino for beginners and advanced

    Because Playamo Casino maintains strict rules and conditions, they are a casino where both beginners and advanced players can play. The games continue to challenge and the increasing numbers of free spins ensure that we were confined to the slots machines and the gaming tables. A must so.

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